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Basic questions related to RDP and Accounts.

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How to connect to RDP?
  • In order to connect to RDP you need Server credentials (IP/Host, Username, & Password) which you will receive in the product activation email. To connect follow the below Steps. Find detailed tutorial Here.

    Windows: Go to START -> search for "Remote Desktop Connection" -> Open it -> Provide IP/Hostname, User and Password.

How much time does it take to get server details after payment?
  • RDP and VPS details are sent in 10 minutes to 1 Hour after successful payment and verification.

    Dedicated server, Residential IP and RDP/VPS with custom configurations can take up to 24 Hours.

What mode of payments do you accept?
  • We accept Paypal*, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Etherium, Litecoin, Bank Transfer, PayTM, Indian Debit Card/Credit Card.

    * Paypal email must match with the registered email address.

Do You have any Refund Policy?
  • We do have 48 Hours Refund policy with valid reasons on our RDP and VPS plans. Read our Refund Policy.

    For Dedicated Server and Residential IP, we do not provide any refunds.

Do You provide any demo or trial?
  • Yes we provide demo for shared and Admin RDP plans. Open a support ticket and mention your plan in the ticket Here.

Do you provide RDP with Residential IP?
  • Yes, we provide RDP with Residential IP. Order Here

What is RDP (Remote Desktop)?
  • We offer Remote Desktop as a service to our clients. It works on Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) developed by Microsoft. RDP allows you to control a remote computer from your computer, just like flying a Drone. Servers provided by has several features like 1Gbps speed, high-end CPU, Fast SSD Storage, Global IP, and freedom to access from anywhere in the world. Read more

Is port 25 is open on your RDP?
  • Yes, all ports including port 25 are open on our Admin RDP servers. View Plans

What locations are available in RDP?
  • We have RDP servers in USA(New York, Las Angels, North Carolina, Kansas City, Dallas, and Chicago), UK (London, Gosport), France(Paris), and Netherlands(Amsterdam).

Do you provide Admin access to the RDP?
  • Yes, we provide full Administrator access on our RDP servers. Look for "Admin Access" tag on plans.

Will I get Admin access on Cheap RDP?
  • No, Cheap RDP does not comes with admin access.

What is the speed of VPS?
  • All VPS servers come with 1Gbps burst speed and unmetered bandwidth.

Which type of storage do you provide Hybrid or Pure SSD?
  • All VPS server comes with Pure SSD storage.

Do you provide any reboot panel to restart VPS?
  • No, currently we do not provide a reboot panel for VPS.

Are botting/encoding/mining/mailing/SEO tools allowed on VPS?
  • Yes you can use VPS for above purpose.

What is the Setup time for a Dedicated server?
  • All Dedicated Servers are processed within 24Hours.

Do you provide KVM or IPMI access on a Dedicated server?
  • Yes, we provide KVM/IPMI with virtual media support on all Dedicated Servers.