How to create additional RDP user?

rSteps to create additional RDP user: Sometimes you need to create additional RDP account. It can be for several reasons. You can create additional RDP users on our Admin RDP  plans. This way multiple people can work on the same RDP server simultaneously. You can also create users with or […]

How to change Windows RDP password?

Steps to change the password on Windows RDP: It is a best practice to change your Administrator account password after receiving server login details. Below are the steps you can follow to change your account password on Windows RDP. Video Guide: Step by Step Guide: Step 1:  Go to “START MENU” […]

Welcome to Buy Cheap RDP

Welcome to the Buy Cheap RDP. We are a well established RDP, Virtual Server, and Dedicated provider. We are providing servers and RDP since 2011 to many RDP brands, but for the first time, we started to offer RDP services direct to end users from April 2018. Only in a […]

How to use Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)?

Steps to Connect to RDP Server from Windows 10: STEP 1: Go to the “Start menu”. STEP 2: Search for “remote desktop connection” application and open it. You can also find it inside Accessories. STEP 3: Enter the Server Ip/ Server Hostname, and click Connect. Server details(IP, Username, and Password) are sent […]

What is remote desktop protocol (RDP)?

What is RDP? RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol which is developed by Microsoft. It allows secure communication between two computers and enables the user to control another computer with full multimedia support remotely. As the name suggests, it allows the user to work or control any other system remotely. […]